Simple balance board on parallel legs

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From early childhood, children are attracted by the unstable surface, this is nature intended for the normal development of brain function. For a safe sensation of your body in space and the harmonious development of the brain divisions, the specialists have invented a balance board. This balance board on parallel legs is ideal for children older than 1 to 6 years as a first acquaintance. Starting from one year old, the baby can already be laid or seated on a balance board and swung slightly. Leave the balance board in a prominent place and the baby will try to crawl onto it. As early as from 2.5 years old, a child can independently stand on this balance board near a wall or any other support under the supervision of adults. The material with exercises that accompanies the balance board will help you 100% using its functionality and make the exercises with it interesting both for an adult and a child. During exercises with a balance board, cerebellar stimulation occurs, which is very important for the development of higher mental functions (memory, thinking, perception, speech). Balance board is an important assistant for speech therapists in starting speech in children and for neuropsychologists in correctional work with children with attention deficit disorder, hyperactivity and behavioral disorders. Orthopedic surgeons advise to buy a balance board for children to strengthen the muscles of the legs, lumbar spine and back as the prevention of scoliosis. The balance board is carefully sanded and coated with eco-lacquer, has a rough surface for anti-slipping.



  • Eco-friendly birch plywood

Complete set

  • Screw set with cover caps
  • Exercise Printed Materials


  • Product: 500 * 300 * 120 mm
  • Packaging: 640 * 470 * 55 mm


  • Shipping weight: 2300 g