Round balance board

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The interhemispheric Circles labyrinth is the basis of neuroteasers and ideal for children older than 2 years of age as the first acquaintance. Circle is the first shape that a child recognizes, which is why children show interest in exercises with this labyrinth at any age. Moving chips in labyrinth circles helps to relax and relieve emotional tension, while doing invisible and very important work in the brain of a child or adult. The high quality of the labyrinth finishing allows moving not only stylus but also fingers along the paths. For example, having spread sand in the paths, the child will get a finger massage when moving fingers. Speech therapist, neuropsychologist and psychologist always have this interhemispheric labyrinth as a faithful assistant in influencing on a child's intelligence through the game and creating new neural connections between the hemispheres and their synchronization. The accompanying printed material with exercises will help to rise up the complexity level. We recommend exercising with an interhemispheric labyrinth before studying new material for 5-10 minutes, or the activity of the required active brain functions.

Material: birch eco-plywood. Complete with: -standard chips - 2pcs (+1 in spare) -printed material with exercises. -silicone legs