Simple balance board on cross legs

  • 20.00 Eur

Simple balance board on a cross base is designed for children older than 5 years and adults. The cross balance board has a high level of complexity. It is necessary to start exercising on a balance board close to a wall or any other support, which you can hold in case of loosing the balance. It will perfectly prepare the child for any sport by strengthening the muscular frame. Exercising on a balance board will help schoolchildren to quickly master the school curriculum and improve academic performance due to the effect on the cerebellum (cerebellar stimulation). The material with exercises that accompanies the balance board will help you 100% using its functionality and make the exercises with it interesting. Orthopedic surgeons advise to buy a balance board for children to strengthen the muscles of the legs, lumbar spine and back as the prevention of scoliosis. Also, this balance board is used in the rehabilitation of legs after injuries (sitting on a chair, the patient puts his feet on the balance board and.